David le Viseur_AUAUAU (Golden Image in Golden Frame), 2019

Golden Image in Golden Frame

At Art-Fairs like “Art Basel”, you encounter quite a few gold­en images in gold­en frames. If you believe in (the entire­ly fic­tion­al “real” val­ue of) gold, you don’t believe in art. If you believe in gold as “art”, you still don’t believe in art. Here’s a ver­sion of a gold­en image in a gold­en frame that’s equal­ly cheap and non­sen­si­cal, but a bit more honest/literal/“conceptual” & there­fore at least some­what, min­i­mal­ly, art-like.

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A musi­cal ren­di­tion of the orbital res­o­nance pat­tern of the plan­ets of the famous exo­plan­et sys­tem Trappist‑1.

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Odd Parameters: War-Warhol, Pen on Paper, 32x24cm, 2018

Odd Parameters

It’s a com­mon assump­tion in AI and Machine Learn­ing that every bit of con­tent can be char­ac­ter­ized by some (set of) para­me­ters. The­o­ret­i­cal­ly, this may very well be true. Con­crete­ly (and enjoy­ing a delib­er­ate­ly sim­plis­tic mind­set), it’s fun to imag­ine some odd para­me­ters and the weird con­cep­tu­al spaces they give rise to. What’s the exact mid-point between Bacon and Fran­cis Bacon? What’s 3/4ths between War and Warhol? You can con­tin­ue the game for your­self. (Even with­out using corny Ger­­man-Eng­lish puns).

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I will not make any more boring political art

Video, 2017 Demon­strat­ing a new and much need­ed form of pun­ish­ment (with a nod to John Baldessari). At the Venice Bien­ni­al 2017.

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