David's Finest Flat-Earth Globuli – Popular around The Globe

David’s Finest Flat-Earth Globuli – Popular Around The Globe 

David’s Finest Flat-Earth Glo­bu­li Popu­lar Around The Globe Mul­ti­ple, 2020 “Davi­d’s Finest Flat-Earth Glo­bu­li – Popu­lar Around The Globe” are a high­ly potent anti­do­te against all known forms of con­spi­ra­cy theo­ry syn­dro­me. If taken regu­lar­ly and belie­ved in as stron­gly as pre­scri­bed, it remo­ves any and all ten­den­ci­es to belie­ve in con­spi­ra­cy theo­ries. (BTW: It’s no acci­dent that “wafer” means “Obla­te” in Ger­man – and that the Earth is, tech­ni­cal­ly spea­king, an “obla­te sphe­ro­id”.) “Davi­d’s Finest Flat-Earth Glo­bu­li – Popu­lar around The Globe” — Mul­ti­ple, 2020 Limi­ted Edi­ti­on (X/29,53), 24x30cm, signed, with per­so­nal dedi­ca­ti­on (optio­nal). Pack­a­ging and ship­ping inclu­ded. – 50.00 Euro If you’­re …

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The Open White Cube

The Open White Cube 

During the Covid-19 pan­de­mic, gal­le­ries and muse­ums tur­ned into clo­sed White Cubes. This par­ti­cu­lar White Cube pro­vi­des an alter­na­ti­ve. It crea­tes an ope­ning, an open space, if used in com­bi­na­ti­on with a green­screen setup – a tech­ni­que that’s wide­ly ulti­li­zed in the con­text of online con­fe­ren­cing and livestreaming.

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David le Viseur_AUAUAU (Golden Image in Golden Frame), 2019

Golden Image in Golden Frame 

At Art-Fairs like “Art Basel”, you encoun­ter quite a few gol­den images in gol­den frames. If you belie­ve in (the ent­i­re­ly fic­tio­n­al “real” value of) gold, you don’t belie­ve in art. If you belie­ve in gold as “art”, you still don’t belie­ve in art. Here’s a ver­si­on of a gol­den image in a gol­den frame tha­t’s equal­ly cheap and non­sen­si­cal, but a bit more honest/literal/“conceptual” & the­re­fo­re at least some­what, mini­mal­ly, art-like.

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A musi­cal ren­di­ti­on of the orbi­tal reso­nance pat­tern of the pla­nets of the famous exo­pla­net sys­tem Trappist‑1.

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Odd Parameters: War-Warhol, Pen on Paper, 32x24cm, 2018

Odd Parameters 

It’s a com­mon assump­ti­on in AI and Machi­ne Lear­ning that every bit of con­tent can be cha­rac­te­ri­zed by some (set of) para­me­ters. Theo­re­ti­cal­ly, this may very well be true. Con­crete­ly (and enjoy­ing a deli­ber­ate­ly sim­plistic mind­set), it’s fun to ima­gi­ne some odd para­me­ters and the weird con­cep­tu­al spaces they give rise to. Wha­t’s the exact mid-point bet­ween Bacon and Fran­cis Bacon? Wha­t’s 3/4ths bet­ween War and War­hol? You can con­ti­nue the game for yourself. (Even without using corny Ger­­man-Eng­­lish puns).

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I will not make any more boring political art 

Video, 2017 Demons­tra­ting a new and much nee­ded form of punish­ment (with a nod to John Bald­essa­ri). At the Veni­ce Bien­ni­al 2017.

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