17. June 2019

At Art-Fairs like “Art Basel”, you encounter quite a few gold­en images in gold­en frames. If you believe in (the entire­ly fic­tion­al “real” val­ue of) gold, you don’t believe in art. If you believe in gold as “art”, you still don’t believe in art. Here’s a ver­sion of a gold­en image in a gold­en frame that’s equal­ly cheap and non­sen­si­cal, but a bit more honest/literal/“conceptual” & there­fore at least some­what, min­i­mal­ly, art-like.

[Bonus-Game: Find all the “impu­ri­ties” with­in the “gold”!]

David le Viseur_AUAUAU (Golden Image in Golden Frame), 2019
AUAUAU (Gold­en Image in Gold­en Frame), 2019