Pho­tos, 2009

This is a seri­es of pho­to­graphs of the remains of the per­for­mance “Cocoon – The Pos­si­bi­li­ty of Birth” (Johans­son Pro­jects, Oak­land, CA, 2009.) The colors, struc­tures and “com­po­si­ti­ons” you see are per­fect­ly unin­ten­ded and ent­i­re­ly acci­den­tal. A curious by-pro­duct, after-image, trace fos­sil, cau­sed by the body move­ments and paints used during the per­for­mance. The result is both abs­tract and con­cre­te at the same time. After the per­for­mance, the “Cocoon” was des­troy­ed and dis­car­ded. There’s no phy­si­cal object, no “ori­gi­nal”, no refe­rent that still exists. The­re­fo­re, the digi­tal images beco­me the new “ori­gi­nal”. But now, they pri­ma­ri­ly refer to them­sel­ves. Func­tio­n­al object turns into art object – an echo of Kan­ti­an aes­the­tics if you will.

David le Viseur – Cocoon Board After Performance, 2009
Cocoon Board After Per­for­mance, des­troy­ed 2009
"Cocoon Performance Abstract No. 1"
“Cocoon Per­for­mance Abs­tract No. 1”
"Cocoon Performance Abstract No. 2"
“Cocoon Per­for­mance Abs­tract No. 2”
"Cocoon Performance Abstract No. 3"
“Cocoon Per­for­mance Abs­tract No. 3”
"Cocoon Performance Abstract No. 4"
“Cocoon Per­for­mance Abs­tract No. 4”
"Cocoon Performance Abstract No. 6"
“Cocoon Per­for­mance Abs­tract No. 6”
"Cocoon Performance Abstract No. 9"
“Cocoon Per­for­mance Abs­tract No. 9”