Home Is Not Home - A Live Stream Exhibition by David le Viseur

Home Is Not Home – A Live Streaming Exhibition

23/05/2020 Let’s try it! An online art exhi­bi­ti­on that feels like art and an exhi­bi­ti­on. New, expe­ri­men­tal, interactive – and live! Video-Link: https://youtu.be/k2-r2sIhvKs This is the …

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David le Viseur, AUAUAU (Golden Image in Golden Frame), 2019

Golden Image in Golden Frame

At Art-Fairs like “Art Basel”, you encoun­ter quite a few gol­den images in gol­den frames. If you belie­ve in (the ent­i­re­ly fic­tio­n­al “real” value of) gold, you don’t belie­ve in art. If you belie­ve in gold as “art”, you still don’t belie­ve in art. Here’s a ver­si­on of a gol­den image in a gol­den frame tha­t’s equal­ly cheap and non­sen­si­cal, but a bit more honest/literal/“conceptual” & the­re­fo­re at least some­what, mini­mal­ly, art-like.

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A musi­cal ren­di­ti­on of the orbi­tal reso­nance pat­tern of the pla­nets of the famous exo­pla­net sys­tem Trappist‑1.

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David le Viseur_Michael Pfitzner_Exhibition_the-problem-of-painting-revisited_2018

Exhibition: The Problem of Painting Revisited – Can Painting be Neuroart?

David le Viseur & Micha­el Pfitz­ner 11.01.2018 The exhi­bi­ti­on fea­tures a set of recent pain­tings by David le Viseur and Micha­el Pfitz­ner that arose from …

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David le Viseur_Something you always wanted to know about NeuroArt_Installation View_07-12-17

Exhibition: Something You Always Wanted to Know About Neuroart (But Were Afraid to Ask)

07.12.2017 Mor­gen gibt’s in unse­rem Ate­lier im Ruf­fi­ni­haus die inter­ak­ti­ve Instal­la­ti­on “Some­thing You Always Wan­ted to Know About Neu­ro­art (But Were Afraid to Ask)” zu sehen. …

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David le Viseur, The Song Remains No.1-3, 2017, Installation View

Exhibition: “The Song Remains”

The Song Remains No.1–3, 2017, Instal­la­ti­on View Exhi­bi­ti­on: “The Song Remains” Anni­ver­s­a­ry Exhi­bi­ti­on Super­pa­per & 1Page Gal­le­ry @ Archi­tek­tur­ga­le­rie im BUNKER David le Viseur 23.09.2017 I’m …

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