David le Viseur_Michael Pfitzner_Exhibition_the-problem-of-painting-revisited_2018

David le Viseur & Micha­el Pfitzner


The exhi­bi­ti­on fea­tures a set of recent pain­tings by David le Viseur and Micha­el Pfitz­ner that arose from –and are part of– an inqui­ry into the pro­blems of pain­ting in the con­text of Neu­ro­art.
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Janu­a­ry 11, 2018, 7–11 p.m.
Ruf­fi­ni­haus, 1.16
Send­lin­ger Str. 1

Exhi­bi­ti­on View “The Pro­blem of Pain­ting” David le Viseur (L) Micha­el Pfitzner ®