SD-Video, 7:20 min, 2006 

The con­tes­tants are: An Inter­net-Porno and The Old and New Tes­ta­ment. The fight takes place in the digi­tal world. Porno and Bible are both files. They are pure­ly syn­ta­c­ti­cal­ly coded enti­ties in a word: They’re texts. At the begin­ning of the movie we see, how the video is crea­ted. The Bible-file is ope­ned, copied, the porno file is ope­ned as a text, the Bible text is pas­ted into the video-text, saved as a video and then play­ed. One medi­um is inter­pre­ted in ano­t­her medi­um. The Bible liter­al­ly beco­mes film.
This method results in a deep cor­rup­ti­on of the video. This arti­fact-video has a pro­per­ty that’s uni­que in the digi­tal world: It can­not be digi­tal­ly saved or copied. A digi­tal para­dox. Only by trans­fer into the ana­log domain is it pos­si­ble to cap­tu­re the fight. An echo of the inscruta­bi­li­ty of both faith and sex. One is remin­ded of the second com­man­dment: „Thou shalt not make unto thee any gra­ven image“.
By fusing two func­tio­n­al ele­ments they cor­rupt each other and beco­me dys­func­tio­n­al. Simi­lar to the works of Pablo Picas­so or Fran­cis Bacon, the true natu­re of the object is evo­ked by its frag­men­ta­ti­on and dis­tor­ti­on. In „porno vs. bible“ the fight occurs on several levels: text vs. video, old vs. new, mind vs. body, male vs. fema­le. The artist merely acts as an expe­ri­men­ter or boxing pro­mo­ter. The fight hap­pens in the mind of the view­er. He’s the judge.
The fun­da­men­tal ques­ti­on of por­no­gra­phy and voy­eu­rism is: What is hap­pe­ning? – Yes, inde­ed they do it! Por­nos aim at a well-known end: The epi­pha­ny of the eja­cu­la­ti­on. The fun­da­men­tal ques­ti­on of reli­gi­on is: What does it mean? The end is also well-known: The Apocalypse.