Web Art & Paint­ing & Video Series, 2007

In 2007, I was fas­ci­nat­ed by the rise of social media and how it boost­ed the serendip­i­tous dis­cov­ery of arcane, odd and poet­ic sto­ries via blogs and plat­forms like Digg, Red­dit and Stum­ble­Upon. But it also raised a nag­ging ques­tion: What rel­e­vance does all that have? Is it enough to just con­sume this fast, dis­parate stream of con­tents. What remains? How does this (then) new form of cul­ture relate to tra­di­tion­al cul­ture and art forms like paint­ing?

Paint­ed­Blog worked like this: I col­lect­ed all the sto­ries that fas­ci­nat­ed me in a giv­en week. I then cre­at­ed a paint­ing (clum­si­ly at first, because my right hand was bro­ken) based on these sto­ries. The paint­ing process was turned into an ani­ma­tion, I com­posed a sound­track to it and pub­lished it and all the links and sto­ries that went into that par­tic­u­lar paint­ing on paintedblog.com [the Domain is no longer active].

David le Viseur, PaintedBlog No.1, Oil on Canvas, 160x90cm, 2007
Paint­ed­Blog No.1, Oil on Can­vas, 160x90cm, 2007

Links and Con­tents of Paint­ed­Blog No.1

Pica refers to “Paul Pica”, the pseu­do­nym I used for Paint­ed­Blog, which in turn refers to the mag­pie bird (pica pica), famous for col­lect­ing odd objects, as well as Pica, the eat­ing dis­or­der – and, obvi­ous­ly, the lack of Paul Pica’s painter­ly abil­i­ty goes way beyond lack­ing the let­ters ‑sso.

I look like a fid­dler crab (videos here). An ani­mal that I like a lot, because it is such a won­der­ful exam­ple of the bizarre results of sex­u­al selec­tion. What we like, what the girls like, when we reach our dreams, we’ll be like the fid­dler crab. And art is a bit like that too.

One of the few things, that are impos­si­ble to do with just one hand, is tying your shoes. (Even the famous sound of a sin­gle clap­ping hand of Zen – actu­al­ly it just takes prac­tice…). And there are many ways to do it. Though you don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly have to do it. And ask­ing a lady on the street to help you tie your shoe is a mar­vel­lous expe­ri­ence of humil­i­a­tion and joy for both sides.

Scale your pain“. Every day I had to rate my pain. I found this both annoy­ing and bit bizarre. Yes, there is a scale for pain! (It should be log­a­rith­mic!)– I am fas­ci­nat­ed by odd scales and met­rics.

Mata ego” in the lan­guage of the Rapa Nui of East­er Islands is the word for eyes that reveal that a per­son has been cry­ing. I found this (and count­less more) in the book The Mean­ing of Tin­go by Adam Jacot de Boin­od. It col­lects expres­sions that only exist in one lan­guage. A book full of poet­ic nuggets.

With the weapon incor­po­rat­ed in this whale we see into the year 1877. Some things don’t change. It’s like a bot­tled mes­sage. Also, there’s a crazy thing called Amber­gris – it’s the whale ver­sion of a moth­ball, and was used to make per­fume. The Amber­gris is held by a sky­hook. A mar­vel­lous con­cept, intro­duced by the philoso­pher Daniel Den­nett in his great new book “Darwin’s Dan­ger­ous Idea“. Here’s Wikipedia’s expla­na­tion.

Nes­sun Dor­ma – DON’T YOU SLEEP! The the expres­sion in the eyes of this guy are amaz­ing! via youtube.Lyrics.

Coco and Japan: I’m lis­ten­ing to this won­der­ful Cocorosie song (and their new album The Adven­tures of Ghosthorse & Still­born) all day!

Two sto­ries: As a five year old Jew­ish boy, Alex Kurzem, had wit­nessed the Nazis mas­sacre his fel­low vil­lagers and mem­bers of his fam­i­ly. Lat­er on he was “adopt­ed” by a SS Nazi unit as their “mas­cot”. He wit­nessed count­less mas­sacres and atroc­i­ties, while being in fear of being dis­cov­ered. See more here and here. Sec­ond: Researchers repro­gram nor­mal tis­sue cells into embry­on­ic stem cells.
The cir­cle of guilt, youth and adult­hood switch­ing roles and trans­form­ing into each oth­er ties those two sto­ries togeth­er.

I found some of the let­ters James Joyce wrote to Nora. (”my sweet lit­tle fuck­bird” he calls her.) They are so melo­di­ous! You can dance to them! And they show an impor­tant point about what it is to be human and to love. Some­thing a bit beyond the bor­ders of self-improve­ment and Cos­mopoli­tan Mag­a­zine.

ICKY THUMP! The won­der­ful new album by The White Stripes (great design btw!) is out! The gui­tar solo on “icky thump” makes a nice lit­tle hole in the sky…while the ISS (the white dot!) is fly­ing over Berlin after sun­set and the fire­flys blink and dance in the park.

Video Paint­ed­Blog No.1:

Paint­ed­Blog No.4

David-le-Viseur_PaintedBlog-No 4_Oil-on-Canvas_160x90cm_2007
Paint­ed­Blog No.4, Oil on Can­vas, 160x90cm, 2007

Paint­ed­Blog No.5

David-le-Viseur_PaintedBlog-No 5_Oil-on-Canvas_160x90cm_2007
Paint­ed­Blog No. 5, Oil on Can­vas, 160x90cm, 2007