Object, Rele­van­ce-Con­fet­ti, 30x10x10cm, 2016

This is art for art. Today, art has to be poli­ti­cal­ly rele­vant. Other­wi­se it will not be exhi­bi­ted –espe­cial­ly at Bien­ni­als. The Rele­van­ce Dis­pen­ser with its 16.000 units of hand-craf­ted Rele­van­ce-Con­fet­ti helps unpo­li­ti­cal art to quick­ly attain the requi­red level of poli­ti­cal relevance.

David le Viseur, "Relevance Dispenser", Object, 30x30x30cm, 2016
“The Rele­van­ce Dis­pen­ser”, Object, 30x30x30cm, 2016
"Relevance Dispenser" Installation View
“Rele­van­ce Dis­pen­ser” – Instal­la­ti­on View